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Suddenly, I’m Drained

It is truly exhausting to be around people all day. There are some days when I don’t know how I do it. Today wasn’t one of those days but for some reason, as soon as I walked in the front door, I started searching around in my head for the OFF switch.

I need quiet alone time to recharge and right now that time is being interrupted by the neighbor’s irritating voice and the cats who won’t stop romping around the house, chirping and mewing like goddamn freaks.

Everything that’s moving and talking and rustling about, please stop!

And all I really want is the two cheeseburger meal from McDonald’s. (This is me, sighing.)

The Weekend

Reading Material
My Oliver Twist Sock
Out. Of. Control.
New Cozy Spot
Cat Eatin' A Rat

Busting Out The Old Gals Today

Channeling 1995


Today’s goals include:

  • Folding the laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer for a week
  • Vacuuming up cat hair (it is everywhere)
  • Writing an actual post that does not involve a to-do list
  • Finishing the book I’m currently reading
  • Taking a walk (in the shitty heat)

This list makes me look like the most boring person on earth. Really? Ugh. Why does seeing something like this—WORDS WRITTEN ON MY SCREEN THAT TELL ME WHAT TO DO—make me feel more inclined to actually, um, do something?

To make this post a little more worthwhile, here are some links to D’s show! His name! In credits! On the television! Pretty cool, dudes.

A Rainy Thursday

What are the chances the rain will bring the temperature down from over 90 degrees to something a bit more bearable?

Ha-ha-hardy-har-har, that’s what I say. We’ll see. Anyway, ever since watching all four seasons of Friday Night Lights in a less-than-two week period I’ve been on a new (to me) music discovery kick. And I can’t get this song out of my head:

All This Time – Heartless Bastards

Also ALWAYS awesome (not related to FNL, by the way) are the songs of yesteryear. 90s R&B videos are the best and so is this song:

What are you guys listening to these days?

Convo Snippets

Regarding the cat purring and headbutting his way in between us:

J: Brother, you sound like a pigeon.
D: His asshole doesn’t look very good.
J: What do you mean it doesn’t look very good? Stop looking at it.
D: It’s like he’s got problems with his anal glands or something. It looks like it exploded.
J: …

Good Morning, Grrr …

I’ve been awake for four hours. I’m hungry. I have an interview. I am really looking forward to my afternoon nap. If I don’t take it, I’m going to have to put on my crying mask.

I’m just like a toddler, stomping around all pouty-faced and dramatic.


It’s 4:39 am. Can’t sleep. Did sleep, from 10(ish) to 3:30 or so.

The things I think about at 4:39 in the morning:

  • Too many clothes, not enough closet space. Really, it’s a problem. This house severely lacks closet space and that drives me insane. Clutter and disorganization are major contributors to anxiety, for me. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of better ways to utilize what we’ve got and even using that much brain power is not tiring me.
  • Derek’s snoring. Any snoring gets under my skin but someone RIGHT NEXT TO ME is enough to 1) keep me awake, 2) make me really fucking cranky, and 3) go from cranky to full of rage. Cranky rage does not equal peaceful sleepy time. Ugh. Sometimes I think about signing D up for a sleep study, make sure he’s not going to stop breathing in his sleep and all.
  • Things gone unfinished. Whether it’s the kitchen that is only half cleaned/straightened up/whatever or the pile of books next to my bed, it all bothers me. This is pretty much just the first bullet point, extended.
  • Finances, but that’s a pretty normal concern. Right? (I don’t get into things like that on here. Boring!)

I think I’ll just stay up and wait for Honey’s to open so I can worry about more things and obsess over dumb shit while enjoying one of their delicious chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes make everything better.

Checking In

It’s been so long. I’m itching to write here again. Is it possible that I’m sick of the Internet?

Hi, World!

Things I’m loving at the moment:

Things I am most certainly not loving:

  • stupid eye injuries (a corneal abrasion, to be specific)
  • being cooped up in the house in order to avoid bright lights
  • the runny nose I’ve had for weeks

Things I’m looking forward to in the near future:

  • D’s birthday dinner (one with his fam in NYC and the other with me in Philly)!
  • a visit with Megan, Nick and sweet baby Cora!
  • getting the Etsy shop up and running!
  • finishing Jean Madeline!
  • the beach! (and summer, in general)
  • other things!

I had to use exclamation points in those statements. They’re exciting!

Carry on, my friends.