Remember February?

I never know how to start back up again. The first half of the year went by so fast. Remember how I was all full speed ahead about sprucing up the house? Yeah, I lost interest (as usual). I still have a half painted kitchen. OOPS. I’ll get around to finishing that, maybe in the fall? Abandoning projects I initially get so pumped up about is the norm for me. I could launch into a big ol’ thingy about cycles of depression but let’s keep it light today. I have a half painted kitchen and, at the moment, I really don’t give a fuck.

Considering I can’t stand looking at the kitchen walls, I’m not cringing every time I walk in there these days. Why cringe when I can just ignore it and get down to business? CUE THE PIZZA-MAKING MUSIC. Yep, there has been lots of pizza happening lately. 2013 has been The Year of the Pizza Party and I love it. Pizza is probably my all-time favorite food, followed closely by tacos. I could alternate eating these foods every night of the week and not grow tired of them. Really. So many possible combinations, it’s endless.

Some of the pizza D and I have made over the last few months:

Chicken, onion, spinach and feta cheese.

Roasted blueberries, rosemary, spinach, feta and chèvre, drizzled with honey.

Yes, blueberries on pizza. Trust me. Do this. RIGHT NOW.

Apple, jalapeño, chunks of leftover pork chop, feta and parmesan cheese.

This turned out to be the best crust yet. Holy hell, delicious. I used this recipe, FYI. Normally I substitute half a cup of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat but this time I didn’t and it made a huge difference. Crisper crust but still a little chew: the essential pizza crust, my friends. Also, it was sturdy enough to hold heavier toppings if that’s your thing. Though I think the recipe lies when it says it yields two 10-inch pies. I only get one so who knows and who cares … I’m not playing around with tweaks because I’m totally in love.

Oh hey, originally I was going to re-cap life since February but clearly pizza has been the only thing of importance lately. You know how that goes. And now I’m off to make another pizza.