Three Weeks Into the New Year

by Jill

D is usually the cook in our house but I thought I’d roll with being a wife and try to show him up this year. So my only resolution for 2013 is to cook more often and to try new things: recipes, techniques, ingredients. I’m not a fan of resolutions that set me up for failure so this is a good one! And it will teach me a lifelong skill, necessary for survival. I NEED TO EAT, RIGHT? (Also, I will finally be able to justify keeping all those years-old food magazines on my bookshelf.)

 Here is a cat in an apron, cooking your dinner.

I’m already pretty damn good at making chili but I decided to stray from my usual meaty version and switch it up a bit. I found this Black Bean Chili with Orange and Cumin recipe in the January 2009 issue of Bon Appétit and figured, why not? I had all the ingredients on-hand and one less trip to the store is okay by me.

My only resolution for 2013 is to cook dinner at home more often.

Founders Breakfast Stout makes everything better.

Chili and Founders Breakfast Stout. #coldweatherdindin

Will I be making it again, you ask? OF COURSE. For a vegetarian chili, it was very rich and filling. I didn’t miss the meat at all (I love meat) and the orange zest gave it a special twinkle I wouldn’t normally associate with chili. I’m into that. Obviously it doesn’t take much more than this to make me happy in the winter.

Except, if you wanna talk bacon. More specifically, BACON-WRAPPED MEATLOAF. I know, I know, bacon-wrapped everything is kind of over but I don’t care because I’m not a chef or a person who makes any sort of impact on food trends or whatever the hell … blah blah. Bacon in and on and around things just tastes really fucking good. So I made this meatloaf. And it was pretty much a delicious meat party in my mouth that night. I think this is going to replace D’s ‘loaf recipe (which is kind of perfection, or so I thought) on our list of ten-or-so meals we make regularly.

Loving this meatloaf so hard. #wildfridaynight

Here’s to making food in 2013. I hope I can remember to write about it in here. That’s not a resolution or anything but, you know … are LOLCats even still a thing?