It’s Never a Good Idea to Dry-Shave Your Legs

by Jill

It’s been about five or six years since I’ve had a regular exercise schedule . Sure, I’ve gone to the gym sporadically, tried Insanity for a few weeks, took a couple ballet classes and so forth and so on, but the last time I truly committed myself to exercise on the reg was in 2008 (oh shit, was it 2007?) when my mom and I did the C25K running plan. It was easy right off the bat and then challenging and then sort of easy again. And by the end of the program, holy hell, I could run for 30 minutes without stopping. Kind of a big deal to someone who pretty much hates running.

I guess running is kind of boring to me but it feels good mentally. Am I contradicting myself? I don’t know … running is whatever. I like zoning out and being outside and not really thinking about anything. And lately I’ve been feeling like I need that again.

So this morning I dropped D off at work and hit up the Schuylkill River Trail and did Day 1 of Week 1 of the running plan and it felt pretty darn good. My head was clear and my spirits lifted. It woke me up and motivated me to get shit done and now I’m sitting here sipping on my tea, making my to-do list and feeling mostly good. My lower legs, though, those fuckers. I am cursing them. They burn like hell—not because of the cold weather or muscle tightness, but because I thought it would be NO BIG DEAL to dry-shave before leaving the house. God forbid another person running should look down at the five inches of exposed skin on my legs and see the patches of hair! The world would end. Peace, see ya later.

My name is Jill and occasionally I make bad decisions.