by Jill

It’s 4:39 am. Can’t sleep. Did sleep, from 10(ish) to 3:30 or so.
The things I think about at 4:39 in the morning:
  • Too many clothes, not enough closet space. Really, it’s a problem. This house severely lacks closet space and that drives me insane. Clutter and disorganization are major contributors to anxiety, for me. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of better ways to utilize what we’ve got and even using that much brain power is not tiring me.
  • Derek’s snoring. Any snoring gets under my skin but someone RIGHT NEXT TO ME is enough to 1) keep me awake, 2) make me really fucking cranky, and 3) go from cranky to full of rage. Cranky rage does not equal peaceful sleepy time. Ugh. Sometimes I think about signing D up for a sleep study, make sure he’s not going to stop breathing in his sleep and all.
  • Things gone unfinished. Whether it’s the kitchen that is only half cleaned/straightened up/whatever or the pile of books next to my bed, it all bothers me. This is pretty much just the first bullet point, extended.
  • Finances, but that’s a pretty normal concern. Right? (I don’t get into things like that on here. Boring!)
I think I’ll just stay up and wait for Honey’s to open so I can worry about more things and obsess over dumb shit while enjoying one of their delicious chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes make everything better.