I Started Work This Morning in a Pissy Mood

by Jill

But now that Best Week Ever listed its 20 Geniously Retarded Gift Ideas for Under $20, my day is brighter. I am no longer annoyed by incompetent business owners simply because of this photo of a hamster eating popcorn while wearing pink wedges:

The shoes! The tiny tail! The. Fuzzy. Butt.

All previous annoyances are forgotten. Thank you, fat little hamster. You are a gem. A bearer of joy. A freakin‘ awesome little piece of the Internet.

Did I ever mention that I had hamsters as a kid? Well, I did and they ruled. Peaches, Pumpkin, Precious, Richie T. Starr, Queenie, Snowy, Daisy, and some others. Oh dear, I’m nuts.