Consider This Your Warning: Photo Heavy Post Ahead

by Jill

I finally took photos of our tree! I’m stoked, you guys. It turned out just right. It usually does, but the tree is real this year so that makes it even better. Better, I tell you!

Our Lovely Little Tree

I think I mentioned previously that I’ve never strung popcorn before. Isn’t that something every kid does at some point during his or her childhood? I thought so, even though it wasn’t a tradition in my own family. I like the look of it on trees; it has this sort of old fashioned, warm and homey kind of look and feel to it. While it was pretty time-consuming, I might just do it again next year. And the following year. And so on and so on for as long as I put up a tree. I also like eating it as I go.

Popcorn & Thread

I also put candy canes on the tree every year, something I remember my Grandmom Johnson doing when I was a kid. I always liked stealing candy canes from the tree.

Popcorn Garland

Unrelated to Christmas – I think I might have enjoyed the thrill of stealing things as a kid.

Some of the dumb shit I stole in my childhood:

  • newspapers from all my neighbors within a three block radius (April and I were pretending to be papergirls) which my grandmother made us return;
  • soda from the truck my uncle drove when he worked for a local soda company (he stopped in for lunch, my cousins and I swiped a few cans each);

    and the big scandal . . .

  • about 30 costume jewelry rings from K-mart that I stuffed into my mom’s purse as she pushed the cart (with me sitting in it) around the store. She didn’t discover the rings until after we got home but was too embarrassed to go back to the store for fear of someone thinking her four-year old was training to be world’s youngest klepto. I won’t even mention all the scrunchies and pens I stole from the Berlin Mart during my very short-lived rebellious adolescent years.
Jesus, you couldn’t pay me to steal something from a store today. I’m such a chicken shit.

The Snowman from Rudolph!

I did not steal that ornament. Or any of the others. I swear.

Little Squirrel!

I did succumb to the Persuasive Powers of Target, though. I cannot go into that store without buying shit. Even if it’s just some really adorable prickly wooden creatures. I’m still not sure if these are supposed to be squirrels. They remind of groundhogs, kind of.

Skating Santa

I’m working on building an ornament collection instead of using the glass balls. I should try to find all the ornaments I received as gifts growing up. I know some of my family members would buy one for me every year but I’m not sure what happened to them. Maybe they’re packed away with my grandparents’ Christmas stuff. That’s something to look into.

The Newest Snowman

I love snowmen. They’re so cute. I just wanna eat ’em.

An Old Fave

This video game boy cracks me up. It was a gift from D a few years ago. It’s supposed to be him playing video games. As usual. Pretty funny. But not quite as funny as what we decided to put on the top of our tree this year. I don’t like the angel we’ve used the last few years and I didn’t feel like going out to buy a star, so . . .

Our Tree Topper

We went with a Boglin. A Boglin wearing the Santa hat and beard that we bought for Miles. Totally ridiculous but awesome. I love it. Best idea in a long time. And the cat likes it, too. Now he doesn’t have to be humiliated in that stupid get-up.

Our Lovely Little Tree

Less than a week until Christmas! I’m excited this year!