Hey Look, A Teeny Tiny Post About Stuff

by Jill

I promised myself I’d sit down and write a real post this week. You know, one about all the places in the city where I want to eat but haven’t yet, or how I made a popcorn garland for the first time ever in my entire 31 years of life. Oh, or even that top ten albums of 2008 list. But honestly, I’m just too excited about the fact that I’m damn near finished my Christmas shopping and there’s still over a week until the big day. (I tend to wait until the last minute, even though I always say I’m going to start early. I just really dislike being around Christmas shoppers.)
I ordered quite a number of things over the Internet and they should all be arriving this week (I hope!) so all I’ll have left to do is wrap ’em and mail ’em (some of them, anyway).
It will be so very nice to not have to go out and deal with the rest of the morons doing their last minute shopping on December 24th. Hopefully—fingers crossed I don’t forget anything.
PS. Apparently, I love parentheses.