Is It Really That Time of Year Again?

by Jill

Over the last few days, I’ve been back to reading the good ol’ music blogs. I kind of took a break from reading them for a while because I found I didn’t have enough time during the day to sift through the crap to find a real gem. But now everyone’s going crazy, blowing up the Internet with their lists of favorite albums of 2008, so it’s been interesting (and easier to see what I might’ve missed that just might be worth listening to).
I’ll probably get around to making a post about my favorites—and I’ve got quite a few of them this year—but for right now, I’m revisiting some of the albums of ’08 that I listened to less than regularly. (Beach House’s Devotion, anyone?)
Let’s see if I can actually pick a top ten list. Stay tuned . . .
In the meantime, here are a few videos of songs from albums that are, without a doubt, on my top ten list:

What’s on your list? Tell me!