Something I Noticed About The O.C.

by Jill

Okay, a couple weeks ago, D and I stopped in Best Buy and happened to pick up The O.C. – The Complete Third Season (and the fourth season, too). It was on sale for $14.99—you really can’t beat that, right? And while I’m not a big dvd buyer in general, I am a sucker for quality teen dramas. Plus, we already own the first two seasons. (Must. Complete. Things.)
Anyway, what I was getting to . . . Ryan Atwood. Why, in the third season, is he, like, the Lord & Savior of Orange County? Everyone comes to him with their problems, look up to him like he’s the dad, etc. He takes the Cohen’s Range Rover at the drop of a hat (or anytime one of his lady friends is in distress). Whatever he says goes. All the damn time!
WHY? WHY? WHY? Ugh. Now I remember why this show started sucking halfway through the third season.
But! Gossip Girl, on the other hand? So, so good. (So far! We’ll have to see if it gets stuck with the Third Season Curse.)
Well, folks, that’s it. You can resume your quality blog-reading now, thanks.
(Okay, wait. Seth Cohen just said ” . . . touch my pooper.” Nevermind what I said before. Redeemed!)