Tuesday Morning: The Flashback Edition

by Jill

I am not going to deny that as a tween, I was into Bobby Brown. I loved his album, Don’t Be Cruel. It had all the gems: “My Prerogative”, “Roni”, and my favorite, “Every Little Step”. Though I loved Bell Biv Devoe, too, Mr. Brown was probably my favorite of the ex-New Edition fellas. I can remember many afternoons swinging on my swing set with Missy, listening to Bobby on my little pink boombox. (Swinging on the swings while listening to that boombox was probably one of my absolute favorite things to do as a kid. I’m pretty sure Missy and I had all of our oh-so-important pre-teen conversations during those swinging sessions.) Those pop stars of the eighties produced the soundtrack to my youth.
Anyway, I’m thinking of all this stuff because I somehow got one of Bobby’s later songs stuck in my head on the way to work. I have no idea how it popped into my head. Maybe I heard it right before I walked into the door to my office building, after removing my earbuds, from a car on the street or something. I don’t know. But now I can’t get it out of my head. And it isn’t even one of his songs that I enjoy. You wanna know what it is? Huh? Huh?

Yeah . . .

“Humping Around”. Worst song. So dumb. And for as much as I liked Bobby Brown during the Don’t Be Cruel era, I lost interest shortly after his third (studio) album, Bobby. It just didn’t do it for me. Or maybe I just found something new to latch onto.
Anyway, Bobby Brown. I didn’t follow his drama through the Whitney years or watch that crazy reality show he had on MTV (was it MTV?), but I can appreciate a little trip down memory lane every now and again. Back to when tween pop songs were actually kind of decent.

Here are a couple more vids:

PS. Oh wow, he has a book coming out about his life. Now you can read about the Whitney drama!