If You Have a Song Called "Hump ‘Em N’ Dump ‘Em", I’m Sorry But . . . I Win!

by Jill

I’m glad it’s cold out but I refuse to turn on the heat this early in the season. So I’m sitting here with my gloves, scarf, and hat on while I type. Okay, they’re fingerless gloves but whatever. I’ve got all the important parts covered.
I started backing up all my music onto an external hard drive tonight and let me tell you, it’s fucking time-consuming. I started in reverse alphabetical order and I’m only on W. To clarify, I’m putting all my cds (remember those? with all the downloading I do, I nearly forgot what one looked like) onto my computer, copying them onto the external drive, then wiping them off the computer again. I think I’d like to eventually box them all up in big ol‘ plastic containers and store them in the basement so I have more room on the bookshelf for records and, well, books. Besides the tons of cd storage boxes on the shelves, I’ve got those Case Logic cd books filled with discs whose cases have disappeared over the years. Oh and let’s not forget all those burned cds, too. And D’s Wheatus* cd.
Jesus, this project might take a while. I might even need to get an additional external hard drive.
I hate talking about my dreams, mostly because I can never remember enough detail to make an interesting story, but an ex-boyfriend of mine showed up in my dream last night and it’s been bugging the shit out of me all day. It wasn’t anything racy but it was weird because I haven’t seen or spoken to this person in nearly ten years. Naturally I’ve been trying to Google his ass and find him on Facebook but UGH! I’m having no luck. The only conclusion(s) I can draw from his lack of Internet presence is that he’s either still fucked up on drugs/in rehab/etc. or he’s technologically challenged. I highly doubt the latter is true, though, since I vaguely remember him once telling me that he scammed people online and also created fake IDs for classmates at his New-England-college-which-I-will-not-name. By the way, he was long out of my life by the time his own went down the toilet. I don’t date losers. But I still can’t help but wonder what he’s up to now.
Damn, my ass hurts from sitting. Time to stop reminiscing and get back to organizing those cds.
*I remember liking that one song, “Teenage Dirtbag“, but after listening to the rest of the album this evening, I really need to know why anyone would buy that piece of crap. Why?! And more importantly, who gave those guys a record deal?!