This is Dedicated to All of Those (and Things) I Love

by Jill

I love Fall! I love the Standard Tap. I love Tom Welling indie rock bartender look-a-likes. I love brunch! I love whiskey! I love Derek! I love everyone! I love barbecue chicken! I love cats! I love Sunday! I love Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Walt Wit! I love Philadelphia! I love Fishtown! I love you guys! I love our new president! I love ice cream! I love Little Britain! I love books! I love reading! I love libraries! I love music! I love asking Derek to explain and introduce me to music I don’t know very well (classical!)! I love our hour-long conversations about the different classifications of classical music! I love feeling like I just got schooled in my musical knowledge. I love my cats. I love dogs—friends’ dogs, strangers’ dogs, shelter dogs, dogs on the Internet, puppy cam dogs.

I love everything.