Awww Kitty Kitty

by Jill

Yes, the subject line references a terrible dance/rap/mashup type song from the nineties. Guilty!

But hey, how about we talk about the fact that it’s been over a week since I last wrote?! I have my reasons. It was a week that just wiped me out, both physically and emotionally. Boy, let me tell you.

As I mentioned previously, D & I spent last weekend in Brooklyn visiting friends. That was fun and low-key and I could go into more detail but I won’t. I never did meet up with people I was supposed to call and maybe try to meet up with, mostly because I can’t shake my tendency to avoid certain social situations. Sorry, folks.

Anyway! We came home on Sunday night to a sick cat. A very sick cat. I noticed a few days before leaving for NY that Brother was looking kind of thin and his fur was pretty unkempt. We were home for no less than an hour and he puked three times. He was also pretty lethargic and just plain out of it. He wasn’t eating or drinking. I was freaking out, not quite sure what was going on. I called the vet on Monday and D took him in for me (I was at work) to get checked out. The doctor said his liver counts were high but his blood would go to the lab for further analysis. By Wednesday, he was still ignoring his food and water bowls and was in pretty bad shape. I took him back to the vet in order for her to show me how to do a fluid treatment for him at home. He was also prescribed a steriod pill to take, along with the antibiotic that he’d been taking for two days already.

Fast forward to now. D and I have been sticking the little guy in his back for the past five days, twice a day, in order to re-hydrate him. He finally started eating and drinking water from his bowl on Saturday and it seems his appetite is increasing each day. It’s definitely a good sign but I don’t think we’re in the clear just yet. I gave him his last fluid treatment this morning and he’s still getting the pills until they run out or until the doc says to stop. I’m waiting to hear back from her about our next step.

Pets are pretty easy to deal with until they get sick. It’s hard taking care of a pet who needs needles and pills and stuff. It got me thinking about how hard it must be to deal with a sick kid. So much work. So stressful. So fucking time consuming. Oh, and have I mentioned emotionally draining? I don’t know how parents with sick kids do it. Especially if they have other kids to take care of as well. Shit, it’s been difficult just to fend off two other cats while waiting for what feels like forever while Brother takes his grand old time eating his food. If he were to leave his food unattended for a second, Sydney would devour it. She’s a big fat pig. She acts like the little matchstick girl or something. It’s pathetic. And Miles isn’t much better. I watch those two eat and I feel like I’m watching some show on Animal Planet about lions hunting prey or some shit. If they were human, I’m pretty sure they’d be the Dahmers of 2008.

So as I was saying, I feel so bad for Brother. He’s been pretty good about the needle but he absolutely HATES taking the pill. He acts like it’s torture. Oh well. If it’s helping him to recover (from whatever it is/was that he’s got), I’ll fight with him to take the thing every day. He’s so brave. And he’s also still a little unhinged in the brain. The other day, he was trying to bat around a small Tupperware container filled with water. He does dumb shit like that often. It’s a sure sign he’s feeling a little better. 🙂

Enough about sick cats . . . it’s November! My favorite month. And not just because my birthday is in November (it’s the last day) but also because, for a few weeks, I actually enjoy the shorter daylight hours. (By the time winter rolls around, forget it. I’m over it and ready for spring.) Oh, and Thanksgiving. Mmmm . . . we’ll be spending the holiday in Connecticut with D’s family which should be nice. But more on that stuff when it gets closer.

Are you guys excited for tomorrow? I don’t know what I’m feeling but I’ll be tuning in tomorrow night as the results roll in, armed with a beverage (or many) to either celebrate or cry into. I wonder if the Obama supporters in Philly will go as nuts as they did for the World Series?!!

We’ll see . . .