This Took Entirely Too Long and It Kind of Sucks

by Jill

I have been a busy gal these last few days. Let’s backtrack, shall we?
Last Friday night was Dave’s 30th birthday shindig at South Philly Tap Room, which turned out to be a good ol‘ time. There was a nice turn out and people were showing up in shifts, which didn’t leave us too cramped at the tables and provided quite a variety of conversation. I wanted to order the wild boar tacos but wasn’t hungry when I first got to the bar and as the night progressed, I just kind of forgot about food. Until the end of the night when the last few of us left at the table decided to order some tasty desserts (smores! and something else, I can’t remember!). Wohoo Dave, welcome to the 30 club!
Saturday was the Read-a-Thon. As I mentioned in my previous post, I only read three books but hey, that’s a start, right? I wouldn’t normally read three books in one weekend so I’d say my mission was accomplished. Maybe I should start devoting every Sunday morning/early afternoon to reading one entire book. It’s kind of therapeutic.
Sunday was, well, nothing too exciting. I hung out with my mom downtown, had some lunch, bought some shoes (my weakness, lately), and ended the day on the couch with a bowl of pasta and True Blood. I also watched that movie Funny Games which I found made me feel uncomfortable and I decided later that I didn’t like it. And I find Michael Pitt to be odd. And kind of annoying. And he still acts like Henry from Dawson’s Creek! Ugh. Over it.
I’m also kind of over this day-by-day recap of events in my life. How boring! But I’ll continue, on to the rock shows:
Monday night was Ben Kweller at Johnny Brenda’s and he was awesome. As usual. His new stuff is very country but not the bad kind of country. The freakin‘ awesome rocking kind of country! And he still looks like he’s twelve, wearing his teenage sister’s jeans or something. The show was surprisingly not as packed as I thought it would be and we were lucky enough to stand right in front of the stage. Wohoo for small venues! Getting the full effect of the rock music!
Tuesday night was D’s band’s show at Tritone. They were good! I hadn’t heard much of their songs prior to the show so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was not disappointing! I took some photos, which I haven’t gotten around to uploading to the computer yet, and I even took a little bit of video. Unfortunately, my video-taking skills are less than adequate. I didn’t realize the mic volume on the camera was turned all the way up (the last time I used video on my camera, it was to record a mock interview for a class last year) so the sound is rather shoddy. Oh well. They’ve got another show next week and I’ll be sure to brush up on my skills, yo.
Today’s Thursday and I wrote most of this entry yesterday and I’m suddenly just not interested in finishing it. I feel sort of scattered lately. Lack of concentration and all that shit.
We’re heading to Brooklyn this weekend to visit Justin and Rumi. We haven’t seen them in a while and they have the cutest cats! Plus, I’m bringing the Scrabble. Good times, I tell you.