24 Hours of Reading

by Jill

This Saturday, starting at 8 a.m.(EST), I will be participating in a 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. For fun. Just because I feel like doing it.
This blog is far from a book blog (or any other specific type of blog) but I read tons of book blogs and always find myself wanting to do challenges and stuff. And what could be more challenging than starting with 24 hours of nothing but reading? Though, I doubt I’ll be reading the entire time. I can’t imagine not napping or eating every so often. (Showering, pffft! I can do without that.) But I’m looking forward to checking in on other bloggers‘ progress and maybe even updating my own blog throughout the day. Woooo! Here’s to the small goals in life!
I’m semi-stoked for this experience. I say semi because I’ll be out celebrating Dave’s birthday on Friday night and depending on how many tasty beverages I consume, my ability to function properly at 8 a.m. could be limited. I might just roll right over and hit my friend, Snooze, about ten times. At least.
So, we shall see.
In other news, it’s only Wednesday. At least I’ve got some fun planned for later this evening. No, not the debate. (I’ll hear plenty about it tomorrow, I’m sure.) D and I are going to JB’s to see Ra Ra Riot, who’ve put out one of my favorite albums of the year. It should be a fun time but I’m so hungry for lunch right now that I can’t think straight. Or tell you any more about . . . anything?
Hey, have you guys seen the dog jumping on the trampoline?! It’s too awesome for words.