Fall, You’ve Finally Arrived

by Jill

It’s been brisk for the past two days. I like. But I can’t understand why people are dressing like they’re in the Arctic. Seriously folks, winter coats and scarves? Whatever.
I ordered new boots yesterday. After wearing the same pair of Dr. Martens for the last, oh, thirteen years, I decided it was time for a new pair. I wanted another pair of Dr. Martens because they’re quality boots that last forever and also because I’m stuck in 1995. No really, my calves are not narrow and lace up boots are my only option. So I splurged on these:

I promise I won’t be wearing them with a flowered baby doll dress. For real. (And holy crap do those elves over at Zappos work fast. The boots were delivered to my desk as I was typing that last sentence! I only ordered them yesterday afternoon!)
I guess I’ll be making a stop at Daffy’s during my lunch hour so I can purchase some higher socks to wear with these babies. And maybe some fun tights, too.
Other bits and pieces:
  1. My Fall Reading List:
    North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis & Joy Division – Deborah Curtis The Mysteries of Udolpho – Ann Radcliffe Gothic Tales – Elizabeth Gaskell Ruth Hall – Fanny Fern Les Miserables – Victor Hugo (Let’s see how far I get through this one.) What are you guys reading these days? Any suggestions?
  2. It’s soup season and I love it. Nodding Head Brewery makes an amazing baked potato & bacon soup. D and I stopped in yesterday to try it and we were not disappointed. I’m definitely going to have to try making it at home. What’s your favorite kind of soup? (I’ll take the recipe, too, please.)
  3. The last episode of True Blood: WTF?! The ending? I bet it was the creepy bartender! I can’t stand him. But I love that show.
  4. I’m sick of hearing/seeing political stuff. But you already knew that. I can’t wait till election day comes and goes. At least the volunteers for voter registration are off the streets of Philly as of yesterday. One less annoyance during the day.
  5. Do any of you get the word-a-day emails? I do but I don’t always read them. A friend and I were chatting yesterday about some of the words we can’t stand and those that we love. Tell me, what are your favorites? Most hated? I’ll post a list of mine one day.
I need tea. My brain has stopped functioning. Caffeine, please.