Capital "S" for Slacker

by Jill

Has it really been a whole week since I last wrote? Jeez. I have no excuse. I’m on the Internet every damn day. But there was that thing. And that thing. Oh, and, possibly that other thing. Yeah, yeah. You get my drift. I was busy in a very non-busy way.

Whatever. Over the course of the week, my arm started feeling a little better but now I’m fighting off a cold. Sort of. I mean, I’ve got one but I’m trying my best to keep it from working its way down into my chest. I do not want that horrible cough that comes with a chest cold. D’s got it right now (hence my lack of sleep—coughing keeps everyone awake at night) but so far, I haven’t felt anything in my own chest. Thank goodness for that. My head, on the other hand, feels so full of snot. Ugh. It alternates from the right to left side, depending on the time of day or how I sleep at a night. I’m currently in a Cold Medicine Fog that keeps me from caring when someone at work asks, “Are you having fun yet?” (No! I’m not! Ever!) But if the CMF prevents me from giving a shit, well, GIVE ME MORE MEDS, PLEASE!

Ugh! Lack of concentration! I’m cutting this short. My head is not clear enough to get the rest of this post together. I’ve got more to talk about but it’ll have to wait ’til later.