Clicking Around (some links)

by Jill

100 Things You Should Eat Before You Die. I’ve only tried 23 of the 100, possibly 24 if you count prickly pear in the form of a margarita.

The 33 most Overrated People, Places, Trends and Other Junk in Rock. I’m going to have to disagree with numbers 18 and 23. Oh, Blender, I love my lists.

The “I’m Chuck Bass” Fitted Tee. Just . . . wow. That’s going a bit far now, right? I think I’d die laughing if I saw someone wearing it. Unless, of course, it was Chuck Bass. Infatuated by a fictional character much?

Big Macs and OCD? Where do they find these stories? Why is this even news? Next . . . !

Yet Another List of Music Related Blogs. These are supposedly the Top 100. Like we aren’t already reading half of those listed. (By they way, some of my favorites aren’t there! Phooey to that. Stay in the dark, why don’t ya?)

Not link-related: Why did I join Tumblr? I don’t even use it. Also, I wish I could magically fast forward to next Monday night at 8:00 p.m. because it looks like Blair and Chuck are gonna spice things up on GG. A big fat double YAY! (YAY!) My reason for living. (I kid. Sort of.)