Wow, I’m Off to a Good Start

by Jill

Today is mildly shitty, despite the fact that it’s Friday. I should be like, “Oh yay! Weekend! Wohoo!” . . . shouldn’t I? Whatever.

I’ve had this awful pain in my left arm, mostly in the bicep/elbow area but it extends up to my shoulder and down to about mid-forearm. It’s been so painful that I’ve been popping Advil like crazy and not sleeping very well. It’s got to be a pulled muscle which either occurred last Friday night when I was moving furniture around (pushing and pulling a big bookshelf, with all the records and books still on it, was probably not a good idea), or when I did a drunken handstand on the steps up to Dave’s apartment. I’m putting my money on the pushing/pulling of the ridiculously heavy bookshelf. Anyway, it kills and I’ve been semi-miserable for the last three days. The pain of a pulled muscle tends to worsen as the days go by and let me say: I’m over it. It feels like I’ve got a gimp arm. And to make things worse, it’s my left arm (I’m a lefty). Eff this shit.

I’ve also got a viewing to go to tonight so I’m dressed rather uncomfortably since I need to leave the city right after work in order to get there on time. Can today just be over already?