I’m a Sucker for Teen Drama

by Jill

I started watching the first season of Gossip Girl last night. Dear lord, what am I getting myself into? I think I hate almost all of the characters but I already love the show. Derek, on the other hand, thinks it’s awful. I think he’s just salty because it reminds him of the kind of kids he went to private school with—rich, totally full of themselves, and overall genuinely dicky.

Whatever, D. You’ll grow to love it. I can tell. Shows like this have a way of sucking you in and turning your brain to mush. At that point you can’t ever go back to quality television programming.

One more thing: I think that Chuck guy is a complete tool but I have a feeling he’s going to be my favorite love/hate character. Ugh! Why?!!!! I want to punch him in the face except, sometimes, I think he’s kind of funny.

I’m losing it. Stay tuned . . .