I Still Love Sundays (even if I’m doing a whole lot of nothing)

by Jill

I managed to tackle most of the things on my weekend to-do list! Cleaned house? Check! Read magazines and updated iPod? Check! Changed the light bulbs (sort of)? Check! (I only changed the kitchen bulbs, still need to change one in the living room and two in the upstairs hallway.) And you better believe I jumped on the mini-tramp. Boy, that thing is fun as hell! Derek even likes it, and he was sort of busting on me for wanting to get it in the first place. I love that it keeps track of how many bounces you do, and also how many minutes you bounce and calories you burn. It’s totally flippin’ awesome. It makes me feel like a kid bouncing on the bed. Except I can’t do seat drops or flips or anything because it’s not made for that. But super fun, nonetheless. Soon, there will be videos. Of the cats. Jumping. I bet you can’t wait!!! (Neither can they.)

The Food Network has been playing ice cream themed shows all afternoon. It’s driving me crazy! I love ice cream so much! We’ve got two flavors (black raspberry and vanilla fudge swirl) in the freezer but I’m not in the mood for either of them. Grrr . . . Hey, did you know that having vanilla as your favorite flavor does not, in fact, make you a boring, lifeless lump of doo? IceCream.com says it actually means just the opposite—you are dramatic, colorful, a risk-taker! I suppose now I can be proud of lovin’ me some Breyers Natural Vanilla, right? Douse that in chocolate syrup and I’m happier than the cats when they hear me open a can of tuna. And that’s really effin’ happy.

I should turn off the Food Network now. It’s evil.

Here’s a fun song: “The Bubble Gum Song (nana-nana)” – Cafe Con Leche