Five Current Loves

by Jill

1. Sly Fox Royal Weisse – I noticed as I was reading reviews of this beer online that not one person mentions how much it tastes like BUBBLEGUM. You know, the individual pieces of original flavor Bazooka gum with a comic on the wrapper? Remember those? I think you can still get them in the 10¢ bin at Wawa. Anyway, yeah. Bubblegum is the one thing that comes to mind when I drink the Royal Weisse and I LOVE IT. (Who doesn’t love bubblegum?! Really.) I especially love that a lot of the bars I frequent have it on tap this time of year. Hooray!

2. White/dark interiors – I’m not talking about the black and white craze that seems to be going on right now in the interior design world, but rather white and dark wood pieces (I like the modern-meets-earthy look). I’ve been trying to incorporate more white in the house because it really works well with the dark wood floors while also brightening things up a bit. My beef with row homes: two windows in the front and a kitchen window in the back, on the first floor, does not make for a very bright and cheerful living/dining area. It really irks me because I love lots of light in a room. Oh well, I can’t be too picky since we’re just renting anyway. (The light thing is one of the very few negative things about the house we rent.)

Some photos of white/dark interiors that I like:

dining area
living room

3. Brookadelphia – I love the jewelry on this site, all of which is made by Amber and Heather Zezeck of Brooklyn and Philly. Have something to say? Want to wear it proudly? You can! They customize! Seriously, people, how great is Etsy? So many gems to be found there.

By the way, I bought one of the necklaces. Can you guess which one?

4. The Golden Girls – With the recent passing of Estelle Getty, who played Sophia Petrillo (my personal favorite GG), I was inspired to add the first season to my Netflix queue. After watching the first disc of the season (eight episodes) and remembered how much I loved the show when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because I’m an old lady on the inside? Or is it that I find old lady humor to be pretty damn funny? Or maybe it’s just because Sophia reminds me of my Aunt Mary, with her biting remarks and petite stature? Probably all of the above. I’m already finished with the second disc of season one so it’s time to move the third disc up in my queue. Wohoo!

5. The Weather! – The past few days have been gorgeous, temperature-wise. Low eighties? I’ll take it. I actually thought about fall the other day. I know there’s still over a month of summer left but I’m looking forward to cooler weather already.