I Cry When The Weekend Ends (only on the inside)

by Jill

I really should do something about the fact that I wake up every Monday morning and curse the entire week. I think I’m due for a more optimistic outlook on things.

Ah, well. Shenanigans!

I had a pleasant weekend and I didn’t want it to end. I think that’s why I’ve got—nevermind, I was almost going to say something in office slang. Ah! Shoot me! But yes, the weekend. It was very productive and relaxing and fun all at once. My basement looks like a whole new place! I got rid of a ton of old clothes and other junk (my mom made about six trips to the thrift store to drop off the donations), and come Thursday evening, the trash pickers in Fishtown will be having a fiesta with all the garbage bags I’ll have out by the curb. You know, cleaning and organizing is probably my favorite form of therapy. And it’s free! Just knowing the house is less cluttered makes me feel a little more sane. I don’t know, that’s just how I function.

Anyway, I picked Derek up from 30th street station last night and we ended up at Monk’s for a bite to eat. I really, really like Monk’s. The beer list is amazing, though a little overwhelming with so many things to choose from, and the food is great, too. Last night we had the Steak Frites Salade (marinated, grass fed, organic sirloin steak over a bed of greens with a mustard dressing) and the Brussels Mussels (fumè, tomato, fennel, herbs de provençe and garlic) which also came with fries. I can officially say that I like mussels! I know, I’ve declared that before but last night was the third time I tried them and I’m definitely over my fear of the texture. My only issue with the ones we ordered last night was that the thyme was a bit too strong. I think I’d just had enough of thyme, considering I made a carrot thyme soup and those thyme cupcakes last week. But everything else about the mussels was delicious. And mussel broth . . . oh yes, mussel broth, food doesn’t get much better than that.

As I was chowing down, I noticed that mussels sort of taste like the beach and I don’t mean in a fishy kind of way either. It was more like just a hint of the ocean or something, which made me feel sort of nostalgic for all those times I swallowed salt water while one of my cousins was dunking me under, quite possibly trying to drown me (hey, I could be sort of bratty at times!). I know it’s not some amazing discovery—that’s what good seafood should taste like—but it’s a new thing for me. I was a slow-to-warm baby and I think I’m pretty much the same as an adult, in terms of trying new foods. It takes me a few times to realize that I might actually love something that isn’t a taco! Amazing! In a year from now, you might find me saying, “I love mussels!” just as often as I say, “I love tacos!” And if you know me and tacos, well, you know me and tacos.

Next cuisine to explore: Indian! I’ve only eaten Indian food a few times and it was okay. I like samosas and tandoori chicken but I’m looking forward to trying other things. Lamb, perhaps? And what better place to do it than the new Indian/Pakistani restaurant that opened in our neighborhood?! Ekta offers takeout and has been getting decent reviews from various Philly bloggers so that’s enough to get me to try it. Well, that and the cheap prices. 🙂

Hmmm, maybe that’ll be tonight’s dinner.