Another Example of Idiocy on MySpace

by Jill

Philadelphia MySpacers have been pretty popular in the news these days. First there was the guy who hit the two tourists from St. Louis, killing one and severely injuring the other, and then wrote about it on his MySpace profile. (The best part of’s report on the whole ordeal: they quoted some of the comments found on the guy’s profile, word for word, most of which were written in completely ridiculous, seizure-inducing Internet-speak! I can’t take the funnies sometimes!) I have to agree with Phillyist when they call this guy Asshole of the Week.

Then there’s this post that I just read, directing me to an article in today’s Metro. The images are a bit disturbing and it makes me wonder if I’ve met any of the gun-wielding MySpacers while interning at the Youth Study Center. (I’m glad that’s over.)

What the hell is wrong with people in this city? I know this kind of shit goes on in lots of other places, and while I don’t always sit around reflecting on the actions of at-risk youth in the city in which I live (and love!), it just blows my mind sometimes.