Preparing Dinner at 9 a.m.? Sure!

by Jill

Last Saturday, D and I spent a couple of hours at the Berlin Farmers’ Market, one of my favorite flea markets in the whole wide world! We got there pretty late in the day (late according to flea market hours, anyway) and only ended up having time to do a quick once-around, mainly browsing the used movies and fresh produce stands. There were some fun movies to be bought but more importantly, delicious Jersey produce! We saw these enormous carrots and immediately began rattling off things we could make with them, “. . . carrot soup! your mom’s carrot salad! carrot cake!” (except I don’t think anyone actually said that last one). Goodness, the carrots were just calling out to us to be purchased. I don’t even like carrots but there was no way to resist these big babies. I mean, really, just look at it:

Very Fat Carrot

Such a fat little fella, right?! So we ended up getting a bunch, along with a few cucumbers and four ears of corn. (I love summer produce!)

As of today, the corn and the cucumbers have been devoured. Mmmm . . . buttered corn. Naturally the carrots have been sitting in the fridge for the past week. Neither of us have had much time, or desire, to do any real cooking lately. Aside from the corn, of course. Mmmm . . . corn. But all that changed this morning. I woke up bright and freakin’ early (even after another late night at the carnival in Jersey) and started whipping up some carrot soup. I used this wonderful recipe that I found via my good friend, the Internet. And guess what? It turned out amazing. High five to myself, not simply because of the tastiness of the soup but because the whole process, including clean up, was completed before 10 a.m.!

I’m definitely looking forward to the soup. I’ve got half of a two-day-old whole grain baguette left that I’m going to break up, drizzle with olive oil and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and toast in the broiler for a few minutes. Perfect croutons, people! Oh boy, we are going to have a very satisfying lunch or dinner today! If I can even wait—I’m so hungry after writing this post! Too many exclamation points!

Photos to come . . .