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One Thing Work is Good For

I noticed that this site looks much better when viewed in Firefox. Stupid work computer and its Internet Explorer crap. Bleh!

PC yucky! Apple yummy!

Who Doesn’t Love Mail?

I got my kitty purse in the mail today! Yes, the cute one I posted about previously, the one totally suited for a woman of thirty. 🙂

It’s very adorable and fits the following: cell phone, iPod, 1 Neutrogena tinted lip balm, small mirror, 1 pack of Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets and a pen. If I had a tiny digital camera (I don’t), I imagine I could put that in there on occasion instead of the iPod. (The iPod isn’t necessary if I’m going out to a bar or restaurant or doing non-solo activities in the city, but the camera would be!) All in all, I’m quite pleased with my $8 purchase!

I realized I have no direction for this here blog so I’m just going to go with whatever I feel like writing about on any given day. These days, I’m really into browsing Etsy for cute gifts I’d like to get for myself even though I know I rarely act upon my Internet window shopping. Maybe I can justify all the time spent browsing by pretending I’m looking for gifts for other people. Whatever works, I guess.

I love simplicity and purple, therefore I’m digging this purple pendant necklace:

purple pendant

And have I mentioned how fun it is to come across interesting, and sometimes tacky, vintage drinking glasses while thrift shopping? It makes me wish I hadn’t lived in so many different apartments over the years because I would probably have a much bigger collection now (moving means losing/breaking things . . . grrrr!). Well, my oh my, Etsy is the place to go when you don’t feel like dirty-ing up your hands in a thrift store.

Look at these fun finds:

one side
other side
yellow flowers
Who says your glassware needs to match? Phooey to that! Those pieces would certainly liven up and add some character to a kitchen—my kitchen.

Because it’s getting late and my brain is still in a bit of a haze from not getting enough sleep last night (long story involving NJ, a carnival and shitty beer), I’ll leave you to check out a really awesome Flickr set I found the other day. Such a great theme!

Night, folks!