Why The Internet is My #1 Source of Entertainment

I was contemplating copying and pasting an entry I just posted in my LJ but then felt that would be very “oh I’m leading a double blog life” of me. So heck, I’ll write something else. Sort of.

(By the way, about that LJ . . . I just can’t quit it. Same goes for ice cream, salt and picking my nose.)

I’m extremely tired today. I stayed up very late, ’til nearly 2 am, watching hilarious You Tube videos. I can’t believe how many people make lip syncing videos! Is lip syncing all the rage now? I remember in elementary school when kids would do lip syncing routines in the talent show. Does lip syncing qualify as a talent? I’d say no but it sure as hell is highly entertaining.

It seems that the best lip syncing videos are those that contain three factors:

  1. a very catchy, get-stuck-in-your-head top 40 pop song (or any dance song)
  2. someone who appears to not be the typical listener of said song
  3. an Asian kid (or multiple Asian kids–they have the best dance moves!!! I’m envious!)

Just look at these examples:

“Damaged”, Danity Kane

I especially love when people get their pets involved. I bet that cat hates those two goofs for making it dance to Real McCoy ON THE PUBLIC INTERNETS!!! Oh no!

I feel delirious. I really, really need to start going to bed earlier. Especially if I’m going to have the energy to do my own kickass lip syncing/dance routine in the near future. Hmmm . . . now, to find the perfect song. I should ask my cats because you know they’ll be begging me for a part in the routine.

I should really do some work now.